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Tuesday, 15 February, 1944

While the 1st Battalion The London Irish Rifles was resting in the Anzio beachhead after several days of fighting, General The Honourable Sir Harold Alexander, Commander Allied Central Mediterranean Force, visited the Battalion on 15 February 1944. He congratulated them on their recent fight with the Germans in the area of the Factory and his encouraging words plus five days of rest greatly cheered the Battalion and helped prepare it for the next phase of the battle, which would begin on the 16 February.

Friday, 1 April, 1977 - Thursday, 20 October, 1977

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers deployed as the UNFICYP Battalion to Cyprus from April to October 1977. The handover change of command was on 18 October and the last personnel left the UN line on 20 October 1977.

Saturday, 22 March, 2003 - Thursday, 15 May, 2003

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (1 R IRISH) Battle Group, commanded by Lt Col T T C Collins, crossed the Iraq/Kuwait border as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade. Operation TELIC was the UK national operational name for the British involvement in the Coalition of Forces led by the United States on Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Friday, 13 June, 2014

As part of the Army's restructuring '2020', the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment began conversion to a Light Protected Mobility Battalion, taking delivery of five new types of light-armoured vehicles at Ternhill Barracks, Shropshire. It would move affiliation from 16 Air Assault Brigade, following some 10 years of service, at the end of 2014 to join 160 Brigade. The fleet of 24 new vehicles arrived at the barracks in Ternhill and a nine month period of intense training began.

Monday, 12 February, 1996 - Tuesday, 4 June, 1996

Although the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (R IRISH) had been due to deploy to Northern Ireland on Operation BANNER in December 1995, due to the IRA ceasefire the Battalion remained in England as the Rural Reinforcement Battalion. However, on the 9 February the IRA Docklands bombing ended the ceasefire and within five days 1 R IRISH was deployed to various locations in Northern Ireland to reinforce the Armagh Roulement Battalion, the East Tyrone Battalion and the Fermanagh Roulement Battalion.

The Companies were situated at the following locations:

Wednesday, 10 December, 1997 - Saturday, 13 June, 1998

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (1 R IRISH) deployed to Northern Ireland on Operation BANNER as the East Tyrone Battalion.

Saturday, 15 February, 2003 - Saturday, 22 February, 2003

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment deployed on Operation TELIC on 15 February 2003 and occupied Fort Blair Mayne in the Kuwaiti desert.


From Shaibah Logistics base in Afghanistan to Downing Street.

Friday, 23 September, 1988

Two days after the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers deployed to Northern Ireland, terrorists attempted to mortar RUC Newtownbutler, Fermanagh, occupied by 6 Platoon B Company. The home made Mark 10A mortars had been placed in a hijacked lorry which was then driven into a firing position close to the RUC station. Fortunately the mortars failed to fire, but during the subsequent clearance operation the Ammunition Technical Officer caused four of the mortars to function. Only one bomb detonated on impact inside the RUC station although two further bombs landed in the same crater.

Saturday, 29 October, 1988

After five weeks deployed along the border with the Republic of Ireland, terrorists once again attacked members of 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rangers.

Three home made Mark 10 mortar bombs were fired at RUC Rosslea in County Fermanagh, which was occupied by 7 Platoon, B Company. The mortars were held in a four tube rack mounted on a tractor which had been stolen by the terrorists earlier in the day.