Tracing Soldiers’ Service Records

This page will try to assist you with tracing a soldier or an officer’s service records using the ‘Surname‘ search box at the foot of this page. We have a very limited site database that currently contains the names and details of only some 15,000 soldiers who served in The Royal Irish Rifles and The Royal Irish Fusiliers up to 1922; it does not contain any information about personnel who served in The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, The Royal Irish Rangers, The Ulster Defence Regimental, the Territorial Army and Army Cadet Force nor our current regiment - The Royal Irish Regiment. However, our museums’ researchers have access to other material for which they will also charge a fee. Any surname search entered in the box at the foot of this page and, or, email with such information requests, will be forwarded to one of our museums, so please allow time for the process to produce a reply to your search or email. Before continuing, you may wish to widen your research by visiting our Tradition tab and clicking on our Links Page.

Please enter the surname of the person you wish to find in the box below, click 'Search' and then follow the on-screen instructions. Please use the CONTACT tab, to the top-right at the head of this page, if you are not certain before you pay for the service, for enquiries about soldiers before 1922 who do not appear on the database and, of course, for service after 1922. You must provide at least a Regimental or Army Number and the full name they used at enlistment before any search is possible. We can not release information on people who are alive. The release of information from archived material is subject to UK data protection law, including the General Data Protection Regulations, and a copy of a death certificate may be required.

A useful site for tracing war dead that will reveal family information and Regimental or Army numbers can be found by clicking on the web link below:
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Lastly, we do not have the capacity to answer many questions such as when was an individual serving with a particular unit, where the unit was located or actions they or the unit might have been involved in. However, you are sure to enjoy trying to discover answers to such questions by clicking on the 'EXPLORE' tab to the top-left at the head of this page.

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