Advance from the Seine to Antwerp

Saturday, 26 August, 1944
The Advance to Antwerp August – September 1944 - September Situation and Progress.

Montgomery issued a directive to 21st Army Group on 26 August that instructed his army commanders, Lieutenant-Generals Harry Crerar (First Canadian Army) and Miles Dempsey (Second British Army), to do three things:

  • Destroy the German forces in the Pas de Calais area and Flanders
  • Seize the important port of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Continue the advance towards the Ruhr region, Germany’s industrial heartland

The First Canadian Army was to advance along the coast and Second British Army to advance inland on the axis Amiens–Arras. This parallel advance by two armies was considered advantageous because any German force opposing the progress of the Canadians along the coast would be cut off by the advance of Second Army in their flank and rear. The right (southern) flank of Second Army, in turn, was covered by the First US Army that was part of General Bradley’s 12th Army Group.