Green MM, William Robert


The following is the text from Army Form W.3121 describing the date, place and action for which 14401161 Rifleman William Robert Green was recommended for an award by the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel I C Harris, on 23 September 1944 and forwarded through the chain of command until approved and signed by the Commander-in-Chief 21 Army Group, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. Rfn Green was awarded the Military Medal (MM) and his award was promulgated on Page 1184 of the Supplement to The London Gazette dated 1 March 1945.

On the night of 18/19 September 1944,
2nd Bn The Royal Ulster Rifles assaulted
the MEUSE-ESCAUT CANAL. B Company, in
which RFN GREEN was a Platoon Commander's
Batman, was one of the first companies to

Whilst forming up, this company came
under direct mortar fire. The men went to
ground. With the greatest coolness, and
quite surpassing his normal duties, RFN GREEN
continued to erect the assault boats and at
the same time urged the others to do like-

This great example produced the necessary
effect, and the men left their cover and con-
tinued helping in the erection of boats.
As the boats were being carried forward up the
bank, further shells landed causing some cas-
ualties. Again RFN GREEN remained by his boat
and although others were taking cover, he
urged them to continue carrying the boat.

In the launching, B Company came under
severe Machine Gun fire and again some men
scattered, but RFN GREEN was much in evidence
inspiring the others with his outstanding example.
The bravery and keen desire to see his part of
the operation completed, materially assisted the
success of the assault crossing.