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Mon, 05/31/1982

1 R IRISH return to Chester from Belize then ordered to 'standby' to provide Battle Casualty Replacements for Operation CORPORATE (Falklands War).

Sat, 01/01/1977 - Mon, 01/31/1977

1 R IRISH undertook Public Duties in London providing The Queen's Guard during January 1977.

Mon, 07/23/1951

Until late July 1951 there had been two British Brigades deployed in Korea - 27 British Commonwealth Brigade and 29 Independent Infantry Brigade. Towards the end of July, these respectively changed their titles to 28 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade and 29 Infantry Brigade when they were incorporated, with the recently arrived 25 Canadian Infantry Brigade, into the newly formed 1st British Commonwealth Division under the command of Major General Cassels.

Fri, 10/10/1919

On 10 October 1919, the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers was embarked on a ship heading from Mesopotamia (Iraq). At that time the threat of Bolshevism was spreading and Britain was deploying regiments to police regions where there was mounting unrest. The first stage of the Faugh's journey ended at the head of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, where they transferred to a river boat and proceeded up the River Tigris.

Wed, 11/18/1914

In November 1914, the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers was in the area of Messines. On 18 November 1914, the Battalion took over a sector running for 1,200 yards under the Messines Ridge, between Anton's Farm and the Douvre River, a line that the Faughs shared with the Seaforth Highlanders.

Wed, 09/13/1939

On the outbreak of war on 3 September 1939, the 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers was in Malta while the 1st Battalion was at Thame in Oxfordshire.

On 13 September, after mobilisation, the Colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier General A B Incledon-Webber CMG DSO, addressed the 1st Battalion before their departure for France. The Commanding Officer at the time, Lieutenant Colonel M J W O'Donovan MC, wrote of their stay at Thame: 'It was a most pleasant prelude to the very exacting demands of the future'. His Battalion Headquarters had been based in the Spread Eagle Hotel!

Fri, 11/19/1943

78DivFlashIn early November 1943, the units of 78th Division again attacked San Salvo as the first stage of a thrust against the River Sangro along which the Germans had built a line of defences they hoped to hold during the winter months. The previous attack had failed when the Faughs and London Irish suffered many command casualties on the night attack of 27/28 October.

Wed, 08/04/1948

Malayan Emergency

When the 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers left Hong Kong and landed in Singapore, it was assumed that its tour to reinforce the Malayan Garrison would only last for a few months before they re-embarked for home. However, the Battalion's tour was to last for one year.