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From Shaibah Logistics base in Afghanistan to Downing Street.

Fri, 09/23/1988

Two days after the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers deployed to Northern Ireland, terrorists attempted to mortar RUC Newtownbutler, Fermanagh, occupied by 6 Platoon B Company. The home made Mark 10A mortars had been placed in a hijacked lorry which was then driven into a firing position close to the RUC station. Fortunately the mortars failed to fire, but during the subsequent clearance operation the Ammunition Technical Officer caused four of the mortars to function. Only one bomb detonated on impact inside the RUC station although two further bombs landed in the same crater.

Sat, 10/29/1988

After five weeks deployed along the border with the Republic of Ireland, terrorists once again attacked members of 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rangers.

Three home made Mark 10 mortar bombs were fired at RUC Rosslea in County Fermanagh, which was occupied by 7 Platoon, B Company. The mortars were held in a four tube rack mounted on a tractor which had been stolen by the terrorists earlier in the day.

Thu, 10/01/1970 - Sat, 10/31/1970

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers moved from Gaza Barracks, Catterick to Barrosa Barracks, Deilinghofen - West Germany during September 1970. The Battalion assumed a Mechanised Infantry Battalion role in 6 Armoured Brigade.

Mon, 09/15/2003

Having handed over Howe Barracks, Canterbury, to the 1st Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment conducted an Arms Plot Move and took over Fort George, Inverness, Scotland, from the 1st Battalion The Royal Highland Fusiliers.

Wed, 09/21/1988 - Tue, 02/28/1989

Ranger badgeOn 21 September 1988, the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers became the first Irish infantry battalion to be deployed on Operation BANNER in Northern Ireland.

The Battalion deployed from Osnabruck, West Germany, where it was a mechanised infantry battalion, to 19 different locations in Armagh, South Tyrone and Fermanagh.

Thu, 09/16/2010 - Thu, 04/07/2011

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment Battle Group, reinforced by 73 members of 2 R IRISH, deployed to Afghanistan on the Regiment's third substantial deployment of OP HERRICK 13.

Thu, 11/09/1989

Shortly before the GDR (German Democratic Republic) decision, on 9 November 1989, to open its border to the West and lift travel restrictions, a Border Patrol was carried out by A Company 1 R IRISH (based in Osnabrück). They attracted considerable interest from the East German Border Guards who photographed the patrol wearing their Caubeens along the soon to disappear Iron Curtain.

Sun, 11/01/1998 - Sat, 05/15/1999

Approximately 30 members of 1 R IRISH deployed to The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on OP ESSENTIAL HARVEST.

Tue, 09/21/1993 - Tue, 11/15/1994

On the 21 September 1993, 52 soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (R IRISH) deployed to Londonderry on Operation BANNER in support of the 1st Battalion The King's Own Royal Border Regiment (KORBR). Although each deployment was for six months, 1 R IRISH would continue to support 1 KORBR until November 1994.