Wars in the Balkans

Fri, 03/01/1991 - Mon, 11/12/2001

The breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began when the death of Josip Broz Tito in 1980 resulted in the establishment of a weak federal state system. Demands from regions seeking status as republics and republics more autonomy, fueled the ever present ethnic tensions that had been kept in check by Tito. The Serbs were opposed to such moves preferring a centralist approach to government in preference to autonomy for the republics within the federation. Following the loss of power by communists to the separatists in the 1990 elections, except in Serbia and Montenegro, the republics began declaring independence in 1991, leaving only Serbia and Montenegro federated. The status of ethnic Serbs in the breakaway republics was unresolved and lead to inter-ethnic fighting. Thus began the Yugoslav Wars, with the first fighting in Pakrac, Croatia on 1 March 1991

The main wars were classified as:

Croatian War of Independence, 1991-95

Ten Day War (Slovenia), 1991

Bosnian War, 1992-95

Kosovo War, 1998-99