Michael Patrick Faugh demobilised in Cairo

Sun, 11/30/1919
'Michael Patrick Faugh' (Mickey)

Michael Patrick Faugh was an unofficial member of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers. This was the name given to the little Syrian boy who was found in January 1918, apparently without home or family. During General Allenby's campaign in Palestine, the 2nd Faughs* had been involved throughout that month in the construction of the 'Irish Road' to link the Jerusalem-Nablus road with the coastal plain.

At the end of November 1919, the 2nd Battalion moved by train to Polygon Camp,Cairo and young Master Faugh sailed from Egypt bound for England where he was to be educated by the Regiment.

'Faugh' was the nickname given to any Royal Irish Fusilier and honours the battle cry of The Royal Irish Fusiliers Faugh a Ballagh. The plural 'Faughs' is the collective description applied to, for example, a Battalion of Faughs.