Faughs raid the Hindenburg Line

Saturday, 3 November, 1917
Trench fighting - a dagger.

While the Third Battle of Ypres was still raging, the 1st and the 9th Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers moved to the area west of Cambrai in readiness for the impending battle of that name.

As the sector was quiet, the Faughs carried out a number of local raids against the Hindenburg Line. One such raid was mounted against the line just south of the Hermies-Havrincourt road. The 9th Battalion sent out three parties on 3 November 1917 with a total strength of 4 officers and 67 men. The party furthest right, having found that gaps in the wire defences had been repaired nevertheless attacked a German position. Although the Faughs killed all the defenders, they lost nearly 20 men.

Trench Fighting - click on a dagger
Trench fighting - click on a truncheon