Faughs in Kenya

Sunday, 30 January, 1955 - Saturday, 24 December, 1955
At the Naivasha Rifle Range the 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Fusiliers give members of the Rift Valley Home Guard the chance to handle modern weapons including a Vickers machine gun.

The 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel G J Hamilton DSO, landed in Mombasa on 30 January 1955. The Battalion deployed A Company to North Kinangop and B Company to South Kinangop in the West Aberdares. The rest of the Battalion deployed around Navisha in the Rift valley with a Tactical Area of Responsibility of around 1,600 square miles.

The Battalion conducted counter-terrorist operations against the Mau Mau fighters who were raiding white Kenyan owned farms and properties and terrorising the black Kenyan workers.

The Battalion's advance party arrived at Ogbourne St George, England in October 1955 and the main body departed Kenya on 24 December 1955 aboard the HMT Captain Cook. However, within weeks the Battalion was moved to Bulford and then in June 1956 the Battalion moved to Wuppertal in the Federal Republic of (West) Germany.