Thursday, 22 April, 1943

The Battle Honour DJEBEL TANNGOUCHA is emblazoned on the Queen's Colours of The Royal Irish Regiment.

Towards the end of April 1943, the 78th Infantry Division prepared for the final offensive through the mountains to Tunis; but first it had to capture the heavily defended fortress mountain heights of Djebel Tanngoucha*. Initial attacks had failed. On the night of 22 April, 38 (Irish) Brigade, with massive artillery support, attacked Tanngoucha and the village of Heidous.

By dawn of 23 April, it was clear that the attack had not fully succeeded, but, as a flanking brigade had seized its objectives, the Irish Brigade clung on to its positions for another two days before renewing the attack on 26 April. This time, three North Irish Horse tanks accompanied the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers over the difficult countryside and they overcame the defenders on the left flank. The 6th Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers taking advantage of the situation charged forward and by the afternoon the enemy had surrendered Tanngoucha. That night the 2nd Battalion The London Irish Rifles captured Heidous. The Brigade Command Post moved to Tanngoucha by the evening of the 26 April.

Current transliteration is Jabal at Tanngoucha.