2 INNISKILLINGS Patrol Against Germans in the Apennines.

Thursday, 30 December, 1943

INNISKSTowards the end of December 1943, when the 2nd Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers was in the Adriatic foothills of the Apennine Range, much patrolling took place assisted by Italian partisans.

One patrol under Captain Duane, investigating a village said to have been occupied by the enemy, spent a night in a little copse on the village perimeter; at dawn the patrol found that it was within listening range of a German company position. The patrol having gained valuable information withdrew discreetly.

On another occasion, two patrols under Captain Vincent and Lieutenant Cocksedge made a combined assault against a village, which they captured by means of a bayonet charge. The patrol seized prisoners and enemy materiel.