Sergeant McAleer's Revenge - 29 for 1 - Tunisia

Friday, 22 January, 1943

The Axis forces in Tunisia, North Africa, were caught between the First Army and the Eighth Army. The First Army with 38 (Irish) Brigade had seized and were holding an area facing the Germans on the southern outer defence of Tunis.

The 6th Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers maintained a programme of vigorous patrolling activities against the enemy. Occasionally 'one-man' patrols occurred.

Sergeant McAleer, on discovering that a German patrol on the previous night had killed one of his comrades, wrote a note explaining his absence and then went in search of Germans. He later returned with two prisoners, and on the following night guided his Company to the enemy location where he had captured his prisoners. The Company captured another 27 Germans.