Safe blowing, Korea.

Saturday, 9 December, 1950
Korea Medal

Between the 8-11 December 1950, the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles was in a blocking position astride the main road at Onjong-Ni, which was near the west coast of Korea and just north of the 38th parallel. Whilst there, the Assistant Adjutant, Lieutenant Ted Pigot, discovered a large steel safe in a deserted Communist headquarters.

Suspecting that it might contain papers of intelligence value, he had the safe carried to Battalion Headquarters where he prepared to blow it open using plastic explosive. It was fortunate that he moved his safe and demolition kit clear of the Command Post, because the resulting detonation was so great that pieces of the safe were blown over a hundred yards. On subsequent examination of the remnant pieces, it was discovered that the safe had not contained any papers, but more likely, probably some 50lb of Chinese explosives.