Boers' Prisoners of War liberated.

Wednesday, 1 August, 1900

Having occupied Middlesburg, about 100 miles from Pretoria, on 27 July 1900, the British force, which included the 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers, remained in that area for most of August. There was little further fighting as the British were busy improving communications and garrisoning the area. During this lull in operations, the 2nd Battalion was employed in manning the outposts which protected the approach to the town.

When the British renewed their advance along the railway line into Boer territory, the Boers were driven out of the area but without any decisive engagement. By the end of August, the British had arrived in Machadodorp where they released 2,000 British prisoners from a Boer prisoner-of-war camp; among the prisoners were 13 officers and 480 men from the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers whom the Boers had captured at Nicholson's Nek in October 1899.